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Vacancy as Associate Trainer

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Kami mengundang Anda para profesional,praktisi dan pemerhati bisnis,human resources,marketer,maupun daam bidang lainnya untuk bergabung bersama kami sebagai :


  1. Pendidikan minimal S1,berpengalaman minimal 10 tahun pada posisi Manager keatas atau,
  2. S2 dari Universitas Terkemuka,dengan pengalaman kerja minimal 5 tahun pada posisi managerial.
  3. Memiliki presentation skill yang baik
  4. Menyukai dunia training

Kirim CV anda berikut daftar tema training yang anda kuasai ke :

*Jadwal training akan disesuaikan dengan Waktu Associate Trainer (trainer freelance).

(Bersambung Ke halaman 3 Kol 5)


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August 29, 2008 at 9:02 am

Honesty and Integrity Pre-Employment Tests

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HRD Forum One Day Workshop
Honesty and Integrity Pre-Employment Tests

Rp 2.500.000,- HRD Forum Training centre, 9 September 2008


A. New survey reveals that?

Young workers (age 18 to 24 years old) in the United States are twice as
likely as older colleagues to steal office supplies for home use without
thinking it is wrong according to a April 2006 Spherion Workplace Snapshot
survey. And all those missing paper clips and pens add up to more than $50
billion a year.

“A lot of people that steal don’t consider it stealing. They just consider
it taking things or that it’s a fringe benefit,” said John Case, head of, a security consulting firm based in Del Mar,


The types of cash, merchandise and property theft respondents most often
admitted to were:

– Taking company supplies for personal use (35%)

– Taking merchandise or equipment (17%)

– Giving or receiving refunds for unpurchased items (7%)

– 49 percent of the respondents admitted eating food without paying,
many of the employees indicated that they were allowed to

– 44 percent of the employees admitted engaging in some type of cash,
merchandise or property theft


– 42 percent of the respondents had come to work late without

– 24 percent had left work early without authorization

– 19 percent had abused sick days

– 18 percent had been absent from work without good reason

– In total, 59 percent of the sample admitted to some type of “time
theft.” Nineteen percent reported that they committed some type of time
theft at least once a month.

Source :McGraw-Hill/London House and National Food Service Security
Council survey of restaurant and fast food employees Copyright © 1995,
McGraw-Hill/London House

Nonproductive Computer Use at Work

– Very few respondents (2.2%) reported spending more than 12 hours a
week using their work computer to catch up on personal tasks (e.g.,
banking, shopping, vacation planning), with 18% spending at least one hour
per week doing so. Approximately 50% indicated that they never used their
work computer to catch up on personal tasks.

– Only .4% indicated spending more than 12 hours a week using their
work computers to “take breaks” from their day (e.g., sending personal
email, surfing the web, playing games). Nearly 17% spent at least one hour
per week “taking breaks” while 46% reported never doing so. These latter
two questions, combined,

(Source : Nonproductive Computer Use at Work: Results from the 2001
National Work Opinion Survey)

B. What is HIPET?

There is wide-spread concern about the honesty and integrity of employees.
Most organizations have serious problems of pilferage, absenteeism,
tardiness, employee disagreements that lead to violence, drug and alcohol
abuse, and computer misuse. The annual loss from these counterproductive
behaviors is estimated in the billions of dollars. There was a clear need
for a brief assessment that could be used as part of the pre-employment
screening process. HIPET (Honesty and Integrity Pre-Employment Tests)
was developed to meet that need.

HIPET assesses six areas of potentially counterproductive behaviors by a
self-descriptive inventory that taps six substantive areas of concern as
well a Good Impression (validity) scale.

Substance Abuse
Sexual Harassment
Computer Misuse
HIPET is modular with four “core” scales and then three additional scales
that can be added as needed. The core assessment is 80 true/false
questions and if all the core scales are added, the assessment is 140
questions. The scores produce a HIPET profile which can then be compared
to successful and less successful incumbents in a variety of jobs.

Developed in an English and Bahasa Indonesia -language version, this
assessment takes only 10-12 minutes to complete. HIPET is a web-based
system, but it can be given on paper if necessary (if given on paper, the
responses would be entered into the scoring software in order to
generating reports).

The HIPET Assessment provides three valuable reports for the user:

Interpretive Report: Describes the score in each scale and what it means.
Graph Report: A quick snapshot of the participant’s scores and what level
of concern they fall into.
Behavioral Interview Question Report: Follow-up questions based on which
assessment items the participant answered in a “counter-productive”
C. Why HIPET? Learn Why HIPET Assessment beats the competition every time



8-15 minutes for HIPET Assessment
Get great data quick.
No proctoring required.

Easy to Use

No extensive training.
No professional Interpretation needed.


Rather than just giving a score or a scale for a trait, Clues tells how
candidate will function in a job.
No guessing or interpretation necessary. Any person can read and
understand the reports.

Business use

Designed specifically for Business Use
Unlike many other tests including Meyers Briggs, 16PF, Caliper, and
Berkman which were designed as clinical tools.

Normative Instrument

Normed on general population using latest psychometric principles with the
ability to norm for individual clients or groups.
Assessment results reflect comparison to general population as opposed to
simply a score.

Faking Scale

Is candidate truthful, or just telling us what they think we want to hear?
Make sure you know the data is accurate


Measures honesty, dependability and aggression
Includes optional scales for Substance Abuse, Computer Abuse and Sexual
The most modern, encompassing honesty
assessment on the market.

Respected Psychologists

Assessments are developed by world renowned and respected psychologists
Dr. Leonard Goodstein and Dr. Richard Lanyon.
You gain from their years of experience and
know the assessment is built right.


Most companies will achieve ROI of well over 60:1 using the Clues assessments
Tools are as cost efficient as they are informative.

Available in Multiple Languages

Bahasa Indonesia version
Consistency across the world for multi-nationals

Expected Corporate Benefits From Using CluesAssessments

§ Dramatically Reduce Cost Per Hire

§ Reduce Turnover Rates By 10-50% in First Year

§ Increase Productivity Due to Better Job Fit

§ Improved Employee Morale

§ Reduce Workers Compensation Costs 5-15%

§ Identify Future Leaders and Corporate Bench Strength

D. Investment

Rp. 2.500.000 per participant including :

– Lunch and Coffee Break

– HIPET Introductory Kit; (includes HIPET Manual, Scoring templates,
Assessment Booklets, HIPET Behavioral Interview Guide, includes Scoring
Software with Unlimited Version)

E. Participants

HR Practitioner, Loss Prevention Manager, Store Manager, Psychologist,
Recruiter, Head Hunters, etc.


IS Plaza Building

No Account
BCA – KCP Ahmad Yani – Bekasi
No. Rek : 739 041 0829 a/n Bahari Antono

Information & Registration

Ms Rani

0815 1049 0007

HRD Forum
IS PLAZA Building 9th Floor, Room 904
Jl Pramuka Raya Kav 151 – Jakarta Timur
Telp: 021- 851-3661 ; 021-857 9510 ; 021 – 856 4666 ext 1053
Fax: 021 – 851 3661 ; 021-857 9510


Formulir Pendaftaran HIPET

Nama :
Perusahaan :
Alamat :
Telp/HP :
Email :
Tanggal Transfer :
Form Pendaftaran setelah diisi harap di fax ke 021-851 3661 ; 021-857 9510
atau email ke

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Company Description :

We are a consultant company, WESMIRA CONSULTANT, is looking for qualified person to our client’s company, to fill the position of:


Post Date: 26 Aug 08
About The Company:
Our client is a international branded cosmetics and perfumes distributor, located at Central Jakarta. The position below will be dedicated to brand: Christian Dior & Givenchy, with below responsibilities and qualifications:

Coordinate with Brand Manager of making work plan.
Arrange beauty workshop at hotel regularly.
Responsible of product launching and press gathering.
Responsible of recruitment process and interview of Beauty Consultant.
Deliver training to Beauty Consultant about product knowledge and new product.
Prepare brochure and training material.
Making evaluation and reporting result of training process to Brand Manager.
Willing to work on holiday and out of town, especially on launching product events and/or promotion.
Qualification of Successful Candidate:
Female, maximum age 35.
Preferable able to speak Mandarin and/or a Chinese descent
Bachelor Degree.
Excellent skill in English, both oral and written
Have ability to deliver training, transfer knowledge, teaching, motivate and build the teamwork
Strong skill in interpersonal, communication and leadership
Flexible in working as a team and individual
Minimum 2 years working experience in the same field
Have much interest in cosmetics, perfumes and consumer goods industry

Kindly email your resume (attached with photo) to: and
with details of present salary, expected salary and notice period

Menara Karya 28th Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Block X5, Kav.1
Jakarta 12950

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PT. ZTE Indonesia as subsidiary company of ZTE Corporation is one of the leading telecommunication solution suppliers based on China providing total solution to telecom carriers worldwide. ZTE’s over 26,000 employees are working in more than 70 countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, etc. In coping with our expansion in local market depending on our Indonesian large project demand, ZTE is looking for outstanding employees in Indonesia to fill in the vacant position of :



· Supporting all department for recruitment staff

· Track enrollment procedures

· Maintain updated employee records and submit appropriate reports

· Ensure proper employment filing

· Handle Personnel HR Administration, Training Administration

· Support managers in staffing and employment related issues


· Female, below 30 years

· Bachelor Degree in Physiology/ Law or any major related

· Minimum 2 years experience

· Proficient in oral and written English and Mandarin.

· Proficient in MS Office

· Strong service orientation and job commitment; high work efficiency.

· Responsible, hardworking and sustainable to work under pressure

· Good interpersonal skills and good in team work

· Willing to travel within Indonesia Islands.

ZTE invites you to grow with us. Challenging work and competitive Benefit policy will be offered. Please send your resume in English, a current photo, present & expected salary and relevant documents to us by mail or e-mail to the address below.

quoting job reference code in the subject

or post them to

PT.ZTE Indonesia

The East Building, 26th floor, Kawasan Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav. E3.2 No.1

Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

More detailed introduction in :

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Human Resources Vacancy

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Kami perusahaan Trading Aspal yang berlokasi di Gresik – Jawa Timur,
membutuhkan tenaga professional sebagai berikut :

*Human Resource*

Kualifikasi :

* *Pria*
* *Usia max 40 Tahun *
* *Pendidikan S1 Hukum/* Psikologi
* *Memiliki pengalaman min. 3 tahun dibidang yang sama***
* Memahami undang-undang ketenagakerjaan dan peraturan pendukungnya
* Dapat mengoperasikan komputer
* Pengetahuan mengenai konsep pembuatan dan pelaksanaan Peraturan

Bagi yang memenuhi kualifikasi di atas, silakan mengirim Lamaran lengkap
+ Foto terbaru, ke:

* *

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Lab Biotechnologists vacancy: International Health

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JCI-Kimberley Executive Search International’s client, a leading international biotech/O&G-related company, is currently seeking for the following positions:


– Diploma in Medical Technology or related disciplines
– Good aseptic technique, experience in tissue / plant culture and the handling of liquid nitrogen will be an added advantage.
– Experience in maintaining quality records will be an added advantage.
– Strong sense of responsibility & good team player
– Ability to work independently and without supervision
– Keen interest to developing a career in the laboratory/ biotechnology field
– Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing in English


– Directly responsible for the laboratory processing and storage preparation of client’s umbilical cord blood units
– Assist in the maintenance of quality in the laboratory

Very attractive remuneration with promising career development is waiting for the right candidate.

If you are qualified and interested in the position, please email your complete CV (BELOW 500KB, MS Word file, current job descriptions, plus reference contacts, photo), together with current salary info to:

for our consideration. All applications will be treated in highest confidentiality and only short-listed candidates will be notified

JAC Business Center – HR Seminar- “Sistem Penilaian Kinerja”

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Tanggal/Waktu : Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008 / 9.00-17.00 Tempat : Sky Business Center (Skyline Building 19th Fl)
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.9 Jakarta 10340
Biaya : Rp. 1.300.000 per peserta Untuk 2 peserta atau lebih dari satu organisasi
Rp. 1.100.000 per peserta

Kepada setiap peserta akan diberikan bonus berupa sebuah CD yang berisi contoh perhitungan Sistem Penilaian Kinerja dengan 5 kategori dari sebuah perusahaan dengan 200 karyawan.
Dapat langsung digunakan dengan modifikasi sesuai dengan kondisi perusahaan.

· Apakah kita sudah siap setelah memasuki periode AFTA dengan sekian banyak negara pesaing?
· Apakah kita sudah membuat sistem kerja sedemikian rupa sehingga karyawan termotivasi untuk meningkatkan efisiensi dan produktivitas?
· Bagaimana caranya supaya perusahaan mendapatkan hasil (output) yang seimbang dengan besarnya biaya tenaga kerja?
· Bagaimana kita bisa lebih baik mengendalikan biaya tenaga kerja dalam jangka panjang?
· Bagaimana kita bisa membedakan karyawan yang biasa-biasa saja dengan yang produktif?
Jawaban atas pertanyaan-pertanyaan tersebut akan diperoleh dalam Workshop Sistem Penilaian Kinerja yang akan digelar pada tanggal 20 Agustus 2008.

Materi yang dibahas antara lain:
· Hasil SPK dipergunakan untuk apa saja?
· Prasyarat untuk dapat dilaksanakannya SPK dengan baik
· Siapa menilai siapa?
· Faktor-faktor penilaian apa saja yang dapat kita pergunakan?
· Mana lebih baik: diberikan kenaikan gaji atau diberikan rupiah lump sum?
· Apakah Balanced Score Card dan Key Performance Indicator?

Seminar ini akan difasilitasi oleh seorang konsultan/praktisi dengan pengalaman lebih dari 35 tahun dalam bidang SDM, yaitu;
Ir. FX Djoko Soedibjo MM, MBA adalah seorang konsultan/praktisi dengan pengalaman lebih dari 35 tahun dalam bidang SDM. Pernah menjadi Direktur HRD dari HSBC (bank terbesar kedua di dunia), Direktur HRD/GA Indomobil Group (8.000 karyawan), Manajer Divisi Commercial dan Personnel & Administration dari PT Cold Rolling Mill Indonesia Utama (pabrik baja lembaran tipis, dengan investasi US$850 juta, dan 2.000 karyawan), Konsultan/Trainer LPPM 8 tahun, Pemegang Hak Patent “Rumus Sundulan ‘DS’”. Sekarang menjadi Associate Senior Consultant di JAC.

JAC Business Center
Tel. 021-315 9504/9506
Amri : ext. 229 HP: 0819 0563 0060
Ami : ext. 265 HP: 0899 9750 192


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