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Personal Assessment with
For Non-Psychologist & Psychologist
(Assessment for Recruitment, Job Macth, Training, Replacement, Development, Team building)
5 – 6 Agustus 2008 – Fee Early Bird : Rp 3.000.000,-

The EXPANDED DISC has been developed from original vrsion in the last six years. This version was develop by organization who leads in technology and know-how in so many fields, is now home to the worlds most advanced assessment system.  It has 2 validated format in bahasa Indonesia and customized delivery reports options.
provides certification workshop in EXPANDED DISC products toHR Profesional as consultants, managers, trainers etc. in business and human resource/human capital, personal development, and organizational development.
The EXPANDED DISC products help delivers these outcomes for your employees or clients:
–          Advanced and comprehensive interpretation of 4 Factors System for Strategic Business Process Diagnosis
–          Tap into core strengths for top performance and leadership
–          Accelerate team cohesiveness and consensus through Team Culture Analysis
–          Optimize how to listen and respond for maximum impact
Why The Expanded DISC?
The EXPANDED DISC has been developed from original version in the last six years. This version was develop by organization who leads in technology and know-how in so many fields, is now home to the worlds most advanced assessment system.
Most of Psychologist and Non-Psychologist who use old DISC already upgrade their assessment to EXPANDED DISC. They like the enhanced technical and application capabilities of the EXPANDED DISC, as well as the fair and reasonable price. So, join the hundreds of organizations that have upgraded theirs assessment to Expanded DISC.
Workshop Objectives

To become familiar and comfortable with the EXPANDED DISC system
To understand about various applications of tools in the EXPANDED DISC
To learn how to score and interpret the basic and advanced reports in the EXPANDED DISC
Workshop Program
08.30 – 17.00 WIB
DAY 1 (Basic E-DiSC )
            Background of EXPANDED DISC
            The Behavioral Styles
            Walk-through of typical half-day workshop
            EXPANDED DISC Model
            Interpreting the Personal Analysis
            Interpreting the Work Pair Analysis
            Advanced Interpretation Techniques
DAY 2 (Advance E-DiSC)
            TEAM ANALYSIS:
Scoring, Application & Interpretation.
Scoring, Application & Interpretation
            JOB/TASK  ANALYSIS:
Scoring, Application & Interpretation
            TEAM ALIGNMENT:
Scoring, Application & Interpretation
What will you get?

This basic certification training includes:
1.        Personal Style Analysis Report Generation Software (CD Installer) for 100 assessments ($300 value)
2.        Manuals
3.        Training materials, case practices in CD format (Softcopy)
4.        Bahasa Indonesia version Questionnaires (Format A)
5.        Validated alternative Format B –> for validation
6.        Customized delivery options for reports
7.        Certificate of completion
* Wonderlic Aptitude Test
* CCT (Color Code Test) Hartman
* E-Test for Career Development:
– E-Career Advancement Test
– E-Goal Setting Test
– E-Leadership Test
– E-Emotional Inteliggence Test
– E-Ability Test
– E-Motivation Inventory
– E-MindStyle Inventory
– E-Personality Style Inventory
* Culture Assessment
Included snacks, lunch, materials, CD & certificate of completion
Early Bird Rp. 3.000.000,- 
Hari II membawa notebook (lap top)
No Account
BCA – KCP Ahmad Yani – Bekasi — a/n Bahari Antono
No. Rek : 739 041 0829 
HRD Forum Training Center – IS PLAZA Building 9th Floor, Room 903B
Information & Registration
IS Plaza Building, 9th Floor, Suite 904, Jl Pramuka Raya Kav.151, Jakarta-13120
Telp     : 021 – 851 3661 ; 021 – 857 9510 (hunting) ; 021 – 856 4666 ext.1053
Fax      : 021 – 851 3661 ; 021 – 857 9510

0815 1049 0007
087 88 1000 100

Email  :
Website :

Form Pendaftaran E-DiSC
Name: ……………………
Company: ………………
Address: ………………..
Phone/HP: ……………..
E-mail: …………………..
Date of Transfer: ……..



Ikuti HRD Forum Event 63
Hak-Hak Karyawan Kontrak
19 July 2008 – Hotel Aston Atrium
Hanya Rp.250.000,-
Agenda Training HRD Forum
Dapatkan Agenda Training Thn 2008 hanya di :
Komunitas HRD Terbesar di Indonesia
YM : hrdforum
Penting buat Praktisi HRD !!
Service : Training/Seminar/Workshop baik InHouse maupun Public, Konsultasi, Recruitment & Selection khusus untuk posisi HRD, Assessment, Outdoor Activity Programs, Dll yang masih berhubungan dengan bidang tugas HRD.
Jika Anda belum bergabung kirimkan email ke :
Dicari Freelance Trainer !
Anda mempunyai keahlian & pengalaman mengajar di bidang HR ?
Kirim CV anda ke ;
Subject : Freelance Trainer
bagi yang ingin Contoh-contoh KPI
Pasang Iklan Bisnis Anda di :
Sentra Bisnis Iklan Baris Indonesia

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