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[Diskusi HRD Forum] Lowongan untuk HRD Manager

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Qualifications :
• Indonesian Nationality with 3 years experience as HRD
Manager, preferably in mining company.
• Female
• Age 30 – 40 year.
• Master Degree in Human Resources Management, Business
Management, Strategic Management with minimum GPA 3,45.
• Candidate must be a self motivator with positive attitude
• Have experience in handling more than 200 employees.
• Candidate must competent in all HR function (Recruitment,
Training&Development, Performance management and Compensation
• Should have strong in labor law&regulation, leadership and
communication skill.
• Honest and accustomed to do planning, control and
• Have strong competency in coaching and counseling.
• Must be willing to travell in plantation site (Kalimantan)
• Have experience in developing Human Resource Information
Syatem (HRIS)

send your cv and resume


Spektakuler Workshop !!
"How To Be Personnel Professional"
28 Juni 2008, Aston Atrium Hotel, Jakarta
HOTLINE : 08788-1000-100 | 0815 1049 0007 | 021-70692748 |
Dapatkan Agenda Training Thn 2008 hanya di :
Komunitas HRD Terbesar di Indonesia
YM : hrdforum
Penting buat Praktisi HRD !!
Service Kami meliputi ; Training/Seminar/Workshop baik InHouse maupun Public, Konsultasi, Recruitment & Selection khusus untuk posisi HRD, Assessment, Outdoor Activity Programs, Dll yang masih berhubungan dengan bidang tugas HRD.
Jika Anda belum bergabung kirimkan email ke :
Dicari Freelance Trainer !
Anda mempunyai keahlian & pengalaman mengajar di bidang HR ?
Kirim CV anda ke ;
Subject : Freelance Trainer
bagi yang ingin Contoh-contoh KPI

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